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8-12 July

Unfinished Business

Urgent Histories (cancelled)

Local Communities, Global Networks


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Ruth Balint

Bart Ziino

Catherine Dewhirst

37th 2018 2-6 July The Scale of History Australian National University ACT Sam Furphy
36th 2017 3-7 July Entangled Histories University of Newcastle NSW Philip Dwyer
35th 2016 4-8 July From Boom to Bust Federation University, Ballarat VIC Keir Reeves
34th 2015 6-10 July Foundational Histories University of Sydney NSW Kirsten McKenzie
33rd 2014 7-11 July Conflict in History University of Queensland, Brisbane QLD Martin Crotty
32nd 2013 8-12 July Mobilities and Mobilisations in History University of Wollongong NSW Georgine Clarsen
31st 2012 9-13 July Connections Adelaide SA Rob Foster
30th 2011 4-8 July History at the Edge Univ. of Tasmania, Launceston TAS Tom Dunning
15th 2010 5-9 July (Re)Viewing History University of Western Australia, Perth WA Jean Chetkovich
  2009 30 June – 3 July Constructing the Past Sunshine Coast QLD Joanne Scott
14th 2008 7-11 July Locating History University of Melbourne VIC Andrew May
  2007 23-26 September Engaging Histories University of New England, Armidale NSW Erin Ihde and Frank Bongiorno
13th 2006 3-7 July Genres of History Australian National University, Canberra ACT Tim Rowse
  2005 6-7 July Inclusive Histories University of New South Wales, Sydney NSW Rae Frances
12th 2004 5-9 July Visions University of Newcastle NSW David Lemmings
  2003 28 September – 1 October Feast by the Murray La Trobe University, Mildura VIC Diane Kirkby
11th 2002 3-7 July Crossing Boundaries Griffith University, Brisbane QLD Regina Ganter
  2001 24-27 September Empire, Nation, Region and Identity Kalgoorlie WA Mel Davies / Wendy Carter
10th 2000 5-9 July Futures in the Past University of Adelaide, Adelaide SA Katharine Massam
  1999 28 September – 1 October Australia and Britain Over Two Centuries University of Tasmania, Hobart TAS Richard Ely
9th 1998 6-10 July History in the Making University of Sydney NSW Penny Russell
  1997 28-30 September The River University of Newcastle NSW Nancy Cushing
8th 1996 14-18 July History ‘96 University of Melbourne VIC Marilyn Lake
  1995 3-5 July 1995 AHA Conference James Cook University, Townsville QLD Penny O’Hara
7th 1994 26-30 September History ‘94 University of Western Australia, Perth WA Jenny Gregory
  1993 29 September – 1 October The Shaping of Institutions: Historical Perspectives Australian National University, Canberra ACT  
6th 1992 28 September – 2 October History ‘92 Australian National University, Canberra ACT Anthea Hyslop
  1991 29 Jun-2 July Historical Frontiers: Outback and Seberang Northern Territory University (Charles Darwin), Darwin NT David Carment
5th 1990 26-29 September History ‘90 University of Queensland QLD Leo Launitz-Schurer
  1989 5-7 July Peripheral Visions: A Conference in Honour of B. J. Dalton James Cook University, Townsville QLD Dawn May
4th 1988 8-13 February The Making of Nations University of Sydney NSW Ken McNab
  1987 22-24 August The Myth and Reality of Country Life University of New England NSW John Atchison
3rd 1986 25-29 August History in the Community University of Adelaide & History Trust of SA SA Norman Etherington
  1985 25-28 August Urbanisation and Industrialisation: Taking Stock University of Newcastle NSW Margaret Henry
2nd 1984 27-31 August History ‘84 University of Melbourne VIC Marian Aveling
  1983 23-25 September Defining Australian Regional Identities Toowoomba QLD Norm Elvidge
1st 1982 26-28 August History ‘82 University of New South Wales, Sydney NSW Heather Radi and Frank Farrell