AHA General History Thesis Prize

The AHA’s General History Thesis Prize is awarded to the best postgraduate thesis in History (excluding Australian history).

General History is understood to be any field of history with a focus that is not primarily Australian History. Theses primarily focused on Australian history are eligible for the Serle Award and other AHA prizes.

The General History Thesis Prize is expected to be offered annually. It is funded by donations to the AHA’s Public Fund, which supports the creation, publication, dissemination and discussion of historical literature in Australia.

The prize will next be awarded in 2024, for a thesis conferred in the period 1 January – 31 December 2023.

Applications closed on 31 January 2024.

The award will be announced at the 2024 AHA annual conference.

Terms and Conditions

The Prize of $2,500 is presented at the AHA annual Conference.

The Prize is to be used to assist in the transformation of the thesis into one or more publications. For example, it can be used as a publishing subsidy and/or for living expenses, including childcare costs. The Prize can also be used towards other expenses associated with publication, such as the cost of carrying out extra research, funding permissions, copyright fees or illustrations (these examples are not exhaustive).

The Prize money is to be spent within two years following acceptance of the award and a report must be submitted to the AHA. The final publication must make appropriate acknowledgement of the Australian Historical Association and the Prize.


The nominated postgraduate thesis must have been passed in the year prior to the year of the Prize. The majority of the thesis must not be published prior to the Prize being awarded.

Australian citizens (including those residing overseas), permanent residents, or applicants with a current and valid Australian visa are eligible for the prize.

Applicants must be members of the AHA at the time of application.

Current members of the AHA Executive Committee and AHA Public Fund Committee are ineligible to apply for this award.


An intention to submit should be emailed by 11 November in the year prior to the year the Prize is bestowed, to executive@theaha.org.au.

Applicants must complete the application form, which contains a statement from the author confirming the originality of the work and the nature of its contribution to the relevant historical field. Application forms must be accompanied by copies of examiners’ reports and a budget indicating how the money will be spent. Applicants may also be asked, subsequently, to supply a complete digital copy of the thesis.

Applications are due by 31 January in the year of the Prize.

Selection Process

A panel of three judges will be appointed by the AHA. The AHA’s decision is final.

Previous Winners