‘Translation and Transformation’: Dragon Tails 2019 6th Australasian Conference on Chinese Diaspora History and Heritage CFP

20-23 November 2019, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

The 2019 conference theme highlights the processes of translation and transformation that have been central to the histories of Chinese diaspora around the world. By transformation, convenors mean the shifts in ideas, meanings and practice over time and the ways they have impacted Chinese diasporic communities. By translation convenors mean the ways people and organisations have interpreted, in a historical sense, significant events, meanings and ideas related to the Chinese diaspora for other audiences. The Dragon Tails conferences promote research into the histories and heritage of Chinese people, their descendants and their associates, in Australasia (Australia and New Zealand). The conferences also encourage awareness of the connections of Chinese in Australasia with the histories of Chinese people, their descendants and their associates in other countries.

Proposals due 10 May 2019.

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