Symposium, Musical Nation building and Cultural Exchange in Interwar France and Australia

University of Melbourne, 2–3 August 2024

The interwar period in both Europe and Australia was a fascinating and crucial time for the re-building and reconsideration of national identity. Musical nationalism and musical nation building, however, have often been examined within the boundaries of national paradigms. This symposium aims to treat musical nation building (and re-building) processes as the result of contact and tension with other nations rather than phenomena that emerge and develop in isolation. The focus on France and Australia offers the opportunity to examine differing modes of national identity formation, contrasting a nation with an established identity under threat, with a young nation in the process of developing an independent identity. Our intention is to solicit papers that consider cultural exchange between: France and Australia; OR France and other nations; OR Australia and other nations. We want to consider the central question: How did transnational musical exchange affect attempts at national identity formation in France and/or Australia?

Call for papers closes 28 February 2024

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