Studies in Oral History, Call for Reviewers

Studies in Oral History Journal is seeking potential reviewers of the following books:

  • Peter Read, The Life and Work of Ante Dabro, Australian-Croatian Sculptor
  • Lynn Abrams, Feminist Lives: Women, Feelings, and the Self in Post-War Britain
  • Summer Cherland, Student-centered Oral History: An Ethical Guide
  • Carol Payne, Beth Greenhorn et al (eds.), Atiquput: Inuit Oral History and Project Naming
  • Jennifer Bond, Dreaming the New Woman: An Oral History of Missionary Schoolgirls in Republican China
  • William H Chafe, Lifting the Chains: The Black Freedom Struggle Since Reconstruction

Please get in touch with the Book Reviews Editor, Gwyn McClelland at ( if you would like to be a reviewer.