Skills for New Historians Seminar – Non-Academic Careers

In putting together this series, we knew we needed to acknowledge the very tough climate that the Arts, and the University sector more broadly, are currently in. It’s never been easy to secure an academic job, but with Covid-19 keeping international students away, and reduced government funding meaning job cuts, now seems an especially difficult time. While getting a job outside of the academy has never been a sign of failure, it’s becoming increasingly common (and necessary) to move from the PhD or the postdoctoral fellowship to different kinds of work. But this doesn’t have to mean giving up on research, publishing, or keeping in touch with your academic community. It also doesn’t mean forgetting all the skills you developed and honed during your PhD. This month, then, we’re focusing on work outside of – or, perhaps, alongside – the academy, and speaking to people who have successfully secured these kinds of positions in three different fields: university administration, the public service, and the GLAM sector. These recent grads will tell us all about their work in these fields, how they secured their positions, and how they balance continuing to publish and engage with their academic communities:

  • Dr Emma Gleadhill, Faculty of Arts Research Officer at Macquarie University
  • Dr Emma Sarian, NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority
  • Dr Mariko Smith, First Nations Assistant Curator at the Australian Museum


  • Friday 16 July, 4—6pm AEST (via Zoom)
  • To register: please note the new process!
    • Log into the AHA website
    • Go to Member Resources / Seminars
    • Scroll down to Seminar #5 and click through to the Google Form, and complete!
    • Registrations close Thursday 15 July. Those who register will be emailed a link to the Zoom meeting.
    • This seminar will be recorded