NAA/AHA Postgraduate Scholarship 2022 Recipients 

The AHA would like to thank all who applied for the 2022 NAA/AHA Postgraduate Scholarships, which provide assistance with digitisation of material held by the National Archives. We congratulate the four recipients:

Holly Dayton for the project ‘Cultural Commerce: Making the British World In Australia’;

Loredana Giarrusso for the project ‘Indigenous people and the Commonwealth: An investigation of Commonwealth government policies of 1972-1996 towards upholding Indigenous affairs policies’;

Susanne Quitmann for the project ‘The Children’s Voices: A New Approach towards the History of British Child Migrants Sent to Canada and Australia (1869– 1960s)’; and

Jennifer Rose for the project ‘Migrant rights activism in Melbourne and the development of multiculturalism and public culture, 1940s to the 1980s’.