Journal list

A draft history journal list was circulated with the AHA AGM minutes. The background to this list, as detailed at the AGM, was the AHA executive was requested to explore a History journal list by the Heads of History meeting in Sydney in 2015. A subcommittee was formed, which asked all heads of history to send through the journal lists their universities are currently using. The draft list is a compilation of these lists. It is not a ranked list, nor a comprehensive list, but one which includes some history journals that have been deemed of ‘quality’. There are many gaps and absences, which we are now seeking to fill. To this end, if there are journal titles you feel should be on the list and aren’t, we invite you to email them to the Executive Officer at by 10 August 2017. The next step will be to develop a comprehensive ranked list. An ERA list is also currently being developed and we will also look with interest at this list.  The draft AHA list can be viewed here.