Introduction to Repatriation: Principles, Policies and Practice Intensive

2-6 September 2019, National Centre for Indigenous Studies, ANU

The repatriation of Ancestral Remains is a highly significant Indigenous achievement and inter-cultural development of the past 40 years. Participants in this 5-day intensive course will join with Indigenous and non-Indigenous experts and learn on Country in order to learn the practice, history, meaning and significant of repatriation for Indigenous peoples, museums and broader society. Topics include: skills for successful repatriation practice – how to locate and return Ancestral Remains: the history of how, when, why Ancestral Remains were taken and the Indigenous response; the connection of repatriation to Indigenous law, culture, ethics, Country and community development; institutional, agency and government policy regimes; repatriation and its international context. This course is convened by the National Centre for Indigenous Studies in association with partners on the Return, Reconcile, Renew project, and will be hosted by Ngarrindjeri Traditional Owners on Ngarrindjeri Country, South Australia.

Applications due 30 August 2019

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