‘”Identity Politics” Have Not Taken Over University History Courses’

The Institute of Public Affairs recently published a report bemoaning the types of courses that are now taught in university History Departments. It feels that the History curriculum has been hijacked by “identity politics” and that too much attention is given to the study of race, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity – generally from a critical perspective – and not enough time is spent considering the achievements of Western Civilisation. Moreover, courses are too ‘narrow’ and students are offered inadequate coverage of the history of Western civilisation. AHA members Martin Crotty and Paul Sendziuk have written a response to the IPA report that was published in The Conversation. It is based on a comprehensive survey of the History curriculum that was commissioned by the Heads of History and the AHA (the findings are soon to be published in a much longer final report). Their article is generating some interesting comments from readers about their experience of studying History, and what they think should be included in the History curriculum. We urge you to read Crotty and Sendziuk’s article (as well the IPA’s report – a link is included at the start of their text) and join the debate. It would be good to hear your views. You will need to create an account with The Conversation to add a comment, but this is easy to do.

Read the article here.