First Annual Far Right and Antifascism Conference CFP

27 April 2019,University of Virginia, Charlottesville

The Far Right and (Anti-)Fascism Working Group at the University of Virginia will host a one-day interdisciplinary conference dedicated to new and novel studies of fascism, anti-fascism, and the far right. This graduate conference will provide opportunities for early-career scholars and graduate students to share their work. Particularly welcome are intersectional approaches and topics involving transnational and post-1945 movements,especially those originating outside the United States and Europe. We are also interested in areas of study that tie into broader themes associated with fascism and anti-fascism, even if they do not address these two concepts directly, for example: structural oppression and state violence, white nationalism/supremacy, racism, antisemitism, disability studies, queer issues,feminism, indigenous struggles, and intersections of race, class, gender, and religion.

Plenary Panel: Natasha Roth-Rowland and Charles Hamilton, History, University of Virginia
Keynote: Claudrena Harold, Professor of African American and African Studies and History, University of Virginia

The convenors’ goal is to seek out a diverse range of potential topics from outside of traditional understandings of fascism and antifascism, and in so doing critique and appraise the usefulness and specificity of these terms. At the same time,we hope to challenge reductive and exclusionary approaches to identifying and understanding fascism. Among our guiding questions are: While general theories of fascism abound, which hold the most value for a new wave of scholars? And how might we begin to conceptualize antifascism in similarly broad ways, or should we refrain from doing so?

With an eye on our location and recent global developments, we also want to consider how our work might extend beyond the academy. What is our level of responsibility in discussing these topics academically in our current moment amidst the resurgence of fascism and the far right? How can we connect our work to our activism and our local communities?

Attendance at the conference will be free to all. The conference will begin with introductory notes from working group directors. Speakers will have 20 minutes. Once panelists have finished speaking, Q&A will last 30 minutes.Lunch will be provided, and will include kosher for Passover.

For consideration, please submit a *250-300 word abstract* and a*biographical statement* indicating institutional affiliation (not exceeding 100 words) to cth5jd@virginia.eduand nrr3ax@virginia.eduby 15 January, 2019. Selections will be made by mid-February.