‘Feminisms and Femininities’, Lilith Symposium CFP

8 November 2019, Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre, Melbourne 

Feminist thought and feminist movements are in a state of constant evolution and contestation. The recent global rise of conservativism and authoritarian populism has been met with renewed and vocal opposition to the patriarchy, evident in the popularity of women’s marches and the strength of the #MeToo movement. Masculinity has come under increasing critical scrutiny in this changed socio-political context, but what of its gendered, relational opposite, ‘femininity’? How can the history of the broad and diverse movements known as ‘feminism’ frame understandings of our political present? This symposium celebrates and builds upon the academic scholarship which explores historical constructions of womanhood, as well as engaging with the social movements that seek to redefine categories such as ‘feminine’ and ‘feminist’. ‘Feminisms and Femininities’ will open up a conversation about how the concept of ‘femininity’ has remained a prescriptive and contested site in Australian culture and encourage discussion about the current direction of scholarship on feminist activism, queer women and sexuality.  The Lilith Editorial Collective invites proposals for 20-minute papers which reflect on a wide range of themes from gender roles, sexualities and femininities to material culture and feminist activism. Papers pertaining to the representation and self-representation of the feminine or feminism in Australian art, literature, media, popular culture as well as the more institutional spaces such as medicine, science and politics are welcomed. 

Abstracts due 4 October 2019 

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