Ernest Scott Prize Shortlist

The 2017 shortlist for the Ernest Scott Prize, funded through a bequest to the History program, University of Melbourne and awarded annually to original research judged to be ‘the most distinguished contribution to the history of Australia or New Zealand or to the history of colonization, has been announced. The AHA offers sincere congratulations to the shortlisted historians:

Barbara Brookes, A History of New Zealand Women (Bridget Williams Books, 2016)
Penelope Edmonds, Settler Colonialism and (Re)conciliation: Frontier Violence, Affective Performances, and Imaginative Refoundings (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)
Tom Griffiths, The Art of Time Travel: Historians and their Craft (Black Inc, 2016)
Hannah Roberts, Paved with Good Intentions: Terra Nullius, Aboriginal Land Rights and Settler-Colonial Law (Halstead Press, 2016).

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