Congratulations to those who have been awarded at the Victorian Community History Awards.

Victorian Premier’s History Award: Phil Roberts and the Ballarat’s Arch of Victoria and Avenue of Honour Committee, Avenue of Memories 

Judges Special Prize: Chloe Hooper, The Arsonist: A Mind on Fire, David Sornig, Blue Lake:  

Collaborative Community Award: The Springthorpe Heritage Group, Mont Park to Springthorpe Heritage Project 

Local History Project Award: Jill A’Vard and Armin Richter, When Roads Were Tracks: A History of the Roads of Monbulk, Kallista, The Patch and Sherbrooke 

History Publication Award: Carolyn Rasmussen, The Blackburns: Private Lives, Public Ambition 

Local History Small Publication Award: Beris Campbell, Janet Goodwin, Heather McKee and Helen Penrose, More Than Just Housing: The South Port Community Housing Group Story 1983-2018 

Cultural Diversity Award: Jan McGuinness, La Nostra Storia: The Stories of Italians in Ballarat 

Multimedia Award: City of Ballarat, Way Back When, Russell Goldsmith and Dimity Mapstone, If These Walls Could Talk: Ballarat Town Hall Audio Tour 

Historical Interpretation Award: CO. AS. IT Italian Historical Society, Carlo Catani: Visionary, Creator, Genius exhibition 

Oral History Award: Peg Fraser, Black Saturday: Not the End of the Story 

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