Congratulations to Joanna Cruickshank and Patricia Grimshaw for the publication of ‘White Women, Aboriginal Missions and Australian Settler Governments’

Congratulations to Joanna Cruickshank and Patricia Grimshaw for the publication of White Women, Aboriginal Missions and Australian Settler Governments (Brill Publishing, 2019). This book provides the first detailed study of the central part that white women played in missions to Aboriginal people in Australia. As Aboriginal people experienced violent dispossession through settler invasion, white mission women were positioned as ‘mothers’ who could protect, nurture and ‘civilise’ Aboriginal people. In this position, missionary women found themselves continuously navigating the often-contradictory demands of their own intentions, of Aboriginal expectations and of settler government policies. Through detailed studies that draw on rich archival sources, this book provides a new perspective on the history of missions in Australia and also offers new frameworks for understanding the exercise of power by missionary women in colonial contexts. 

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