Change to ANZSRC Codes

Last week the ANZSRC Review was announced. The ANZSRC codes were last changed in 2008. The AHA submission was one of 238 to the ANZSRC Review. We are pleased to see that most of our suggestions including the case for a new Division named Indigenous Studies were supported. A key point to note is that the FoR classifications for ANZSRC2020 are now ordered from 30 to avoid confusion with the earlier model. The old FoR 21 History and Archaeology is now 43 History, heritage and archaeology; Division 45 Indigenous studies. Division 44 (the old 16 Studies in Human Society) now lists new groups for ‘Gender Studies’. 

In Division 43 – 4303 Historical Studies, there is now digital history (430306); environmental history (430307); gender history (430309); global and world history (430310); history of empires, imperialism & colonialism (430313); international history (430316); migration history (430319); and transnational history (430323). 

Division 45 Indigenous Studies is now an extensive and inclusive one including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural history (450103); Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history (450107); Pacific Peoples cultural history (451304); and Pacific Peoples history (451308). 

Other points to note are that Business and Labour history (350501) remains in Human resources and industrial relations (3505) under Division 35, Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services.  

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