AHA Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Conference Awards – Previous Winners

2023 Winners


Emma Price (Notre Dame), ‘Popular radio serials in wartime Australia: Catherine Duncan and Their Finest Hour‘ (Ken & Amirah Inglis Award)

Samantha Grey (UQ), ‘Female Troubles: Reproductive Dysfunction in Mid-Twentieth Century Australia’

Pauline Hastings (Monash), ‘Youth Fashion v Haute Couture: Jean Shrimpton and Christine Borge Model the Future of the Fashion Industry in 1960s Australia’

Early Career Researchers

Kathryn Ticehurst (Melbourne), ‘Diane Barwick’s turn to history​​’ (Ken & Amirah Inglis Award)

Matthew Ryan (Sydney), ‘Fossil Capital, Down Under: Toward an energy history of Australian capitalism’

Kathleen Burke (New York University Shanghai), ‘The Making and Unmaking of Makan (Eating): The Boundaries of Foods in Colonial Encounters in the Indian Ocean’