All the Way to the USA: Australian WWII War Brides

Robyn Arrowsmith’s All the Way to the USA: Australian WWII War Brides, is based on 10 years research for her PhD at Macquarie University and chronicles the true and poignant stories of Australian brides and fiancées who embarked on a long journey, leaving family, friends and all things familiar, to follow their hearts to America. There were 15,000 Australian WWII War Brides of American servicemen, but there has been no in-depth study until now, and their stories have remained untold. These human stories, told in the words of the war brides, add a new dimension to women’s history in both Australia and America.

In response to an interview by Richard Fidler on ABC radio, Robyn has been contacted by many war brides and their families to tell stories not included in the book. She is now collecting more details and stories of Australian WWII war brides to add to her collection. Contact Robyn if you would like to contribute.