AHA Submission to the HASS Research Data Commons

The AHA has recently made a submission to the Australian Research Data Commons Advisory Committee (ARCD), which is currently leading the development of a national Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) Research Data Commons. The program is supported over the next 2 years by an $8.9m investment by the Australian Government to build national HASS digital research infrastructure that will create new tools and platforms to extend researcher capacity. The Research Data Commons focuses on four main areas, all of which are of interest to AHA members – for example, the Linguistics Data Commons will develop text analysis tools that could be used on historical documents, the social science project will improve access to historical census data, and the Indigenous Data Network will be developing a portal to Indigenous data and collections. The AHA submission focuses on the Trove project, especially on elements of consultation and collaboration that are currently missing. We thank those who contributed to the AHA’s submission, in particular Tim Sherratt, Alana Piper and Mark Finnane.

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