AHA Petition in Support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart

At the Australian Historical Association AGM held on Thursday 11th July 2019 in Toowoomba it was unanimously passed that the AHA collect signatures from its members for an open letter from Australian historians supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart to be published on a public platform. This is the open letter and link below to sign:  

‘On 26 May 2017, 250 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders gathered for the Uluru National Constitutional Convention, at which together they decided upon and wrote the Uluru Statement From The Heart. 

We the undersigned Australian historians place our unequivocal support behind the proposals articulated in the Statement – a call for Voice, Treaty and Truth. In solidarity with the First Peoples of Australia, we call upon the Federal Government to take immediate steps to adopt the Uluru Statement From the Heart.’

Sign the letter here.