AHA History Postgraduate Database

The Australian Historical Association (AHA) is currently developing a new nation-wide Postgraduate Database, which is intended to make Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates in Australian history more discoverable and accessible. This database is being developed for the benefit of HDR candidates and AHA members alike, and will be housed on the AHA’s website.

The AHA Postgraduate Database is intended to alleviate some of the barriers that prevent HDR candidates in history from identifying and reaching out to their peers in the field. This will allow HDR candidates to be more discoverable and accessible to peers and scholars for collaborative engagements with respect to research practice, research output, knowledge sharing and more.

To build this database, we are simply asking candidates to complete a short Microsoft Form (3 – 5 minutes).

The database will present the following information: your name, university or institution, area of research, working thesis title, and an institutional email. You are more than welcome to share some details and leave others blank (such as an institutional email if you are uncomfortable posting this online). The database will be updated regularly, and will enable HDR candidates in history across Australia (and beyond) to engage with one another in collaborative, constructive and fruitful ways.

Importantly, while any HDR candidate in History can register their details and enhance their visibility, only individuals with AHA membership will be able to access the database itself. Further, it will be visible to all AHA members, including non-HDRs.

We anticipate that the database will go live in April. When the AHA’s new website is operational, it will be accessible in the ‘members only’ section.

For any queries, the AHA has prepared a short list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning this database.