Women’s and gender histories in 2020s Aotearoa, Te Wai Pounamu and Moana Nui a Kiwa Workshop CFP

21–22 February 2023, University of Auckland 

The Network began in 2020 during the covid crisis that has underlined the significance of gender analysis for current events and past histories. Together, we examine patterns in women’s and gender histories that have taken shape in this part of the world. Is there a trajectory that takes us from challenging dichotomies to navigating and celebrating the non-binary?  How have gender and women’s histories (lived and narrated) been shaped by the particular circumstances of histories made in these islands, and by the flow of people and ideas to and from Aotearoa New Zealand? While there has been change in the lives of women, and in the meaning of gender, in the past 50 years, what is the direction for the future? As we stand in the wake of the voting down of Roe v Wade in the US Supreme Court, and global movements of authoritarianism, these feel like pressing questions. Funding is available for travel, accommodation, and registration for 15 speakers.

Applications due 1 October 2022 

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