2023 AHA Prizes and Awards Shortlists   

The AHA Executive Committee is delighted to announce the shortlists for the 2023 AHA prizes and awards. We would like to thank the judges for their work in arriving at their shortlists, and congratulate all the historians on these lists. Winners for all prizes and awards will be announced at the AHA Conference Dinner on Thursday 6 July 2023. (The shortlists below are in alphabetical order of surname.) 

Jill Roe Prize 

Harrison Croft – ‘Are You Happy Now?’: Gauging Streams and Building Postwar Victoria from the Periphery 

Simon Farley – ‘Barbarians and Bird-Butchers’: How Conservationists Constructed a Barrier to Assimilation in Australia 

Paige Mahoney – ‘Unfit for Publication’: Reporting Sexual Violence in Colonial Victoria 

Allan Martin Award 

Rowan Howitt – Undiscovering Emerald Island: Phantom Islands and Environmental Knowledge in Australia’s Southern Ocean World, 1821-1930 

Ben Huf – The Economy Is Not A Theory: The Politics of Prosperity in Australia 

Sarah Kirby – Inventing Percy Grainger on Page, Stage and Screen 

Hannah Murray – Early Australian and US Settler Utopian Writing 

AHA General History Thesis Prize 

Kathleen Burke – Global Cuisine in the Dutch Indian Ocean Empire 

Douglas Pretsell – The Age of the Urning: Queer Identities and Advocacy in Germany, 1864−1897 

Freg (James) Stokes – The Hummingbird’s Atlas: Mapping Guaraní Resistance in the Atlantic Rainforest during the Emergence of Capitalism (1500–1768) 

Wilbert Wong – Sir Richard Olaf Winstedt and the Historical Creation of ‘Malaya’ and ‘Tanah Melayu’ 

Marilyn Lake Prize for Australian Transnational History 

Joy Damousi – The Humanitarians: Child War Refugees and Australian Humanitarianism in a Transnational World, 1919-1975, Cambridge University Press, 2022 

Jarrod Hore – Visions of Nature: How Landscape Photography Shaped Settler Colonialism, University of California Press, 2022 

Zoe Laidlaw – Protecting the Empire’s Humanity: Thomas Hodgkin and British Colonial Activism, 1830 – 1870, Cambridge University Press, 2021 

Hamish Maxwell-Stewart and Michael Quinlan – Unfree Workers: Insubordination and Resistance in Convict Australia, 1788 – 1860, Palgrave, 2022 

Agnieszka Sobocinska – Saving the World? Western Volunteers and the Rise of the Humanitarian-Development Complex, Cambridge University Press, 2021