Special Award for Services to History: Phillip Adams

The AHA is pleased to announce that Phillip Adams is to receive the AHA’s Special Award for Services to History. This award has been awarded on just three previous occasions, and we feel that it is particularly fitting to announce this award in the week that Phillip retires from the long-standing and much-admired ABC Radio National program Late Night Live. The award has been bestowed on Phillip for his distinguished contributions to the promotion of historical curiosity and understanding, including by way of service on various boards and councils of cultural importance to the community, and with special reference to his sponsorship of historical literacy through LNL. The accolade was announced by AHA President Frank Bongiorno earlier this week during one of Phillip’s final instalments of the program. Congratulations and thank you, Phillip!

Special Award: Media Release

Late Night Live, Monday 24 June 2024