News from ‘Honest History’

New on the Honest History website are Walter Phillips (Emeritus, La Trobe) on his pilgrimage to Gallipoli, Doug Munro (UQ) on Brian Matthews and Mark McKenna on Manning Clark, Marian Quartly (Monash) on Griffith Review 55 on South Australia, Tjanara Goreng Goreng (ANU) on Rebe Taylor on Tasmanian Aborigines, Mark Latham from 2002 on the irrelevance of the Left-Right spectrum, the ambivalent position of the Australian War Memorial on Australian frontier conflict, and how Australia reacted to the Russian Revolution of February 1917

The Honest History Book is now becoming available. Details on the Honest History website, including launches in Canberra (6 April, with Tom Griffiths), Sydney (12 April, with Michelle Arrow), and Melbourne (20 April, with Jonathan Green). The Honest History Book is collective history written by 19 authors. It is an argument about Australia’s past, present and future (‘Australia is more than Anzac – and always has been’) and about the difference between history and myth (honest history is interpretation robustly supported by evidence, myth lacks evidence or distorts it).

Honest History had a very successful shout-out through AHA last year for historians wanting to appear on ABC Radio Canberra’s Honest History spot (online nationally) to discuss their research with enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter, Genevieve Jacobs. We have now had about 50 historians interviewed on the Honest History spot since we began in 2014 and we need more talent for the rest of 2017. Details from David Stephens,