AHA Membership: Towards 1000!

In 2019, the AHA Executive initiated a membership drive with the tagline ‘Towards 1000’. With a healthy and dynamic community of between 800 and 900 members, the AHA sought to push ahead to a historic high of 1,000 members. Although that initiative was hindered during the COVID-19 pandemic, membership registrations and renewals have proceeded at a healthy pace in recent years. In the past fortnight, the AHA achieved its Towards 1000 goal! That outcome owes much to the efforts of the AHA’s hardworking Treasurer Romain Fathi, our recent membership portfolio holders Carolyn Holbrook, Ben Jones and Noah Riseman, successive conference organising committees. Above all, it is indebted to the AHA membership. If you know anyone who is interested in joining the AHA, you can direct them to our ‘Become a Member’ page today!

Professor Frank Bongiorno, President