AHA Letter to the Premier of South Australia Concerning the South Australian Museum

Earlier today, the President and Vice-President of the AHA wrote to the Premier of South Australia to express concern over aspects of the proposed restructure at the South Australian Museum (SAM), specifically the potential disestablishment of the positions of Aboriginal Heritage and Repatriation Manager and Head of Humanities. These positions have been vital for SAM’s efforts to reckon with the scientific racism that informed its collections and acquisitions policies in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The occupants of these roles, Anna Russo and Professor John Carty, have facilitated the repatriation of more than 600 Indigenous remains to their ancestral lands. In partnership with leading historians of Indigenous Australia and members of the South Australian historical profession, the AHA asks the South Australian Government to think carefully before sanctioning any changes that would undermine the museum’s capacity to work closely with Australia’s First Nations on questions of repatriation, research and collection management.

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