Trove developments

After consultation, testing and much collaborative effort with Trove’s partners, the Trove Team are very pleased to announce that Trove 7 will be launched on 25 February 2016. This will be one of the largest updates in Trove history and in order to apply the update Trove will be unavailable from 5pm, 22 February until it is relaunched. But when it is unveiled a few days later, Trove will be sporting a range of features including: simplified interface, customisable viewer displays and new browse features for newspapers; sample release of NSW Government Gazette (1832 to 2001); and, faster, more responsive searching and an improved experience on your mobile device.

Use this forum thread and join the conversation until the down time which begins 22 February. During the outage the Trove Team will be keeping a close eye on Twitter and Facebook if you would like to talk to them.