Special Forum on ‘Imperial Genealogies of Crime’ in History Australia

The AHA celebrates History Australia’s interdisciplinary special forum on the Imperial Genealogies of Crime, which shines light on the lines of descent and evolution of imperial crime over space and time. It contains wide geographical reach, with articles ranging from India to Africa and Australia, and a similarly wide chronology, ranging from the nineteenth through to the twenty-first century. Indigenous peoples’ navigation of colonial legal systems, the ethics of engaging with imperial crime archives, the intersection of colonial history and current penal policy, and the academy’s complicity in perpetuating imperial legacies of crime are some of the significant issues the forum explores. This collection was edited by Meg Foster and contains contributions by Andy Kaladelfos and Vicky Nagy, Katherine Bruce-Lockhardt and Tolulope Akande, Nishant Gokhale and Meg Foster as well as commentaries by Lisa Ford and Alan Lester. 

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