‘Policy and History’ Special Forum, History Australia

Congratulations to the authors of the ‘Policy and History’ Special Forum recently published by History Australia: 

Carolyn Holbrook and David Lowe, Can Historians Influence Public Policy? Challenges and Possibilities’, examines the traditional divide between historical expertise and the world of policy making; 

Benjamin Jones, ‘Labor Leaders and an Australian Republic: 1999-2019‘, traces the attitudes of Labor leaders to an Australian republic between 1999 and 2019 and divides them into three broad camps; 

Joanna Cruickshank, “Religious Freedom in ‘the most godless place under Heaven’: Making Policy for Religion in Australia’, suggests that understanding the historical relationship between religion and government in Australia can clarify the choices that face contemporary policymakers, and; 

Peter Edwards, ‘The Impact of the Hope Royal Commission of the 1970s nd 1980s on Australia’s Intelligence Agencies Today’, putting the structural changes associated controversies in the context of the principles and structures established by Justice Robert Marsden Hope in two royal commissions on the agencies in the 1970s and 1980s.