Congratulations to Joy Damousi and co-editors for publishing ‘Humanitarianism, Empire and Transnationalism, 1760-1995’

Congratulations to Joy Damousi and co-editors for the publication of Humanitarianism, Empire and Transnationalism, 1760-1995: Selective Humanity in the Anglophone World (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2022). This is the first book to examine the shifting relationship between humanitarianism and the expansion, consolidation and postcolonial transformation of the Anglophone world across three centuries, from the antislavery campaign of the late eighteenth century to the role of NGOs balancing humanitarianism and human rights in the late twentieth century. Contributors include Kate Fullagar, Ann Curthoys, Amanda Nettelbeck, Melanie Oppenheimer and Agnieszka Sobocinska.

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