Complete History Lab Season Two Available

Looking for a podcast over the summer?

History Lab Season 2 is available for your summer listening! On the way you can learn about who made the first ever banking deposit in Australia, where jelly snakes come from and listen to the people and stories that keep the pursuit of world peace alive. The final episode is also a ‘making of’ and is a great teaching tool for undergraduates in media studies and beyond. The episode also gives you a behind the scenes look at how research translation works in the podcasting world.

History Lab features two UTS researchers Jesse Adams Stein (DAB) and Nicole Sutton (Business) and is hosted by the ACPH Director, Tamson Pietsch.

The episode list for season 2 is:

S2Ep1: The Bank, the Sergeant and his bonus

S2Ep2: Invisible Hands – Where are the originals of all our mass-produced stuff?

S2Ep3: Skeletons of Empire – Can we capture the spirit of internationalism?

S2Ep4: Behind the scenes of History Lab Season 2

You can listen to History Lab wherever you download and subscribe to your podcasts.

Find out more at Or shout out to us on Twitter @historylabpod.

History Lab is Australia’s first investigative history podcast, exploring the gaps between us and the past. A collaboration between 2SER 107.3 and the Australian Centre for Public History at UTS, it is a national platform for doing history as audio. If you are a researcher, you can pitch us an episode at

Happy listening!