AHA 2024 Prizes, Awards and Accolades

The AHA 2024 conference dinner saw the announcement of several prizes, awards and accolades. We take this opportunity to congratulate once again the very deserving recipients of this year’s annual and biennial prizes.

Jill Roe Prize:

Zoe Smith, ‘“Domestic Tyranny” and “Petty Despotism”: Historicising Coercive Control in Late-Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth-Century Australia’   

Allan Martin Award:

Ebony Nilsson, ‘Russians Among Us: A Cultural History of the Petrov Affair’

Highly Commended:

Jessica Urwin, ‘Following the ‘Yellowcake Road’: Tracing the imperial roots and routes of Australian uranium, 1940s-1960s’

Ann Curthoys Prize:

Kathleen Burke, ‘A Tail of Sheep: Charting the Interactions between the Khoikhoi, Enslaved People, and Animals at the Western Cape’

Highly Commended:

Lee Rippon, ‘Australia, prisoner of war policy and the shackling crisis 1942-1943’

Marian Quartly Prize:

Fiona Paisley, ‘The Aboriginal Australians and the League of Coloured Peoples in London’ (HA 20.3)


Joel Barnes, ‘Australian universities and Atlantic slavery’ (HA 20.1)

AHA General History Thesis Prize

Paige Donaghy, ‘Uncertain Knowledge: False Conceptions and Molas in European Medicine, 1500–1800’

Magarey Medal for Biography

Ann-Marie Priest, My Tongue is My Own: A life of Gwen Harwood (La Trobe University Press, 2022)

Highly Commended:

Jillian Graham, Inner Song: A Biography of Margaret Sutherland (MUP, 2023)

Serle Award:

Emily Gallagher, ‘The Childhood Imagination in Australia, 1890-1940’

Highly Commended:

Rosa Campbell, ‘A Global History of Australian Women’s Liberation, 1968-1985’

Kay Daniels Award:

Clare Anderson, Convicts: A Global History (Cambridge University Press, 2022)

Highly Commended:

Anna Johnston, The Antipodean Laboratory: Making Colonial Knowledge, 1770–1870 (Cambridge University Press, 2023)

W. K. Hancock Prize

Alecia Simmonds, Courting: An Intimate History of Love and the Law (La Trobe University Press, 2023)

In addition to these annual and biennial prizes, the AHA warmly congratulates Melanie Oppenheimer, who was made a Life Member of the AHA in recognition of her distinguished service to the organisation in many capacities over many years.

Finally, congratulations also go to the latest of the AHA’s annual Lifetime Achievement Award recipients. These were awarded this year to Angela Woollacott, Joan Beaumont and Diane Kirkby for their distinguished historical scholarship, leadership and public outreach, mentoring and supervision, and broader generosity.